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Will You Be Eligible for Student Financial Aid?

08 May 15 - 01:57

If you have the strong desire to get a post-secondary education, then don’t let the financial worries discourage you. With a little bit of effort on your side, you will discover that there are several kinds of student financial assistance available that may be applicable for you to save on college costs. Here are some eligibility criteria to help determine if you can get financial aid for your post-secondary education.

    You are financially qualified to receive it.. . .

    If you are first in your family to attend college.

    Have good talent in a sport.

    If you earn good grades, choose hard courses, have special talent or show exceptional promise.

    Previously served in the military.

    Plan to major in specific studies.

    If you are unemployed.

    Agree to work in certain high-need locations or professions after your graduation.

    In cases of special need or a disability.

    And many other reasons. You can get the complete details from the financial aid administratorsof your college.
Usually two factors are generally used to determine who gets student aid and how much they get.

The first one is:
    Merit-based student financial aid, which is given to students who do something exceptionally good like in the areas of music, athletics, or academics or to students who want plan to have a career in a certain area that benefits the community or the country such as teaching,engineering, math and science.

And the second one is
    Need-based student financial aid, which is given to students who demonstrate a lack of financial resources to pay for their studies.

You can apply for student financial aid just by using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). With this single application, students can apply financial aid at multiple colleges and also from multiple funding sources such as federal, institutional, state and private providers of funding assistance. The FAFSA for next academic year (July 1, 2015- June 30, 2016) is available online now. Get the details here.

The work of financial aid administrators is to help students by providing them appropriate financial resources to achieve their desired educational potential. That’s why the role of a financial aid administrator is very crucial for both students and colleges.

At APCS, we are a South Florida based,local educational organization and offer administrative staff training, CEUs, and financial aid training courses for different educational institutes in South Florida; through our yearly APCS Administrators’ (Staff) C.E.U. Training Event(s). To get more details and to takepart in our administrative staff training CEUs, etc., contact us today.

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