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How important is Financial Aid Training for College Staffs?

13 Mar 15 - 03:43

The first and foremost mistake that many student and families make is assuming they can’t afford college. Most of the time, they get confused by the process of finding money for college. At that time, a student turns to a counselor or to other mentors for advice. It is very crucial for counselors to have the accurate information that they need to solve-out he financial problems of their students during admissions and fee deposit process. Therefore, financial aid training is essential to share those important details and increase counselors’ knowledge of the financial aid process.

A financial aid administrator should be the first stop for every student when they are considering how to pay for a college education. They can provide information on many vital topics, including:

•    What types of financial aids are available for you?

•    Deadlines of financial aid application for your college.

•    How much financial aid you are qualified to receive?

•    When you can expect to receive your financial aid support?

•    Help to accurately complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and other forms.

•    Ways to make most appropriate and smart borrowing decisions.

•    How to request an appeal of financial aid requests?

The primary goal of a financial aid administrator is to help students achieve their dream education platform by providing most appropriate financial resources to them. That’s why financial aid training is necessary for college staffs to build a better understanding with students and fill the gap between the financial requirements of students and their budget.

Financial Aid C.E.U. Training and Compliance for Private, Post secondary, Educational Institutions in South Florida

At APCS (Association of Private Colleges and Schools of South Florida), we provide financial aid training sessions to different educational institutions of South Florida. ; through our yearly APCS Administrators’ (Staff) C.E.U. Training Event(s).  These Events are open to all APCS Member Schools / Colleges, and to Non – APCS Member Schools / Colleges, in South Florida. A cost is incurred by all attendees.  Our financial aid training will help your college staff to be in compliance, and help them decide the best financial packages for their students. Hurry up; contact us today to take part in our financial aid training sessions.

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