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Join APCS to Improve The Quality and Performance of Your Education Industry

02 Jun 15 - 04:16

APCS represents the short name for the “Association of Private Colleges and Schools of South Florida”. It is a Miami, South Florida based local educational organization that offers Commissions for Independent Education CEU Credits. It promotes ideas and practices through South Florida Faculty Training sessions among private colleges, post-secondary schools and universities in all over South Florida region to improve their quality of performance.

What APCS Offers?
For years, APCS has pr...

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Will You Be Eligible for Student Financial Aid?

08 May 15 - 01:57

If you have the strong desire to get a post-secondary education, then don’t let the financial worries discourage you. With a little bit of effort on your side, you will discover that there are several kinds of student financial assistance available that may be applicable for you to save on college costs. Here are some eligibility criteria to help determine if you can get financial aid for your post-secondary education.

    You are financially qualified to receive it.. . .

    If y...

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Financial Aid Administrators: What Do They Do?

21 Apr 15 - 07:32

Going for higher education in a good college? The first and foremost mistake many students and their families do is to assume they can’t afford the college. Don’t be discouraged by the sticker price of college tuition until you know how much financial aid is available to you. It can reduce the cost of college study significantly, but it’s a little bit tricky to estimate how much student aid you will get. For that, the financial aid office or the administrator should be your first step when yo...

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How important is Financial Aid Training for College Staffs?

13 Mar 15 - 03:43

The first and foremost mistake that many student and families make is assuming they can’t afford college. Most of the time, they get confused by the process of finding money for college. At that time, a student turns to a counselor or to other mentors for advice. It is very crucial for counselors to have the accurate information that they need to solve-out he financial problems of their students during admissions and fee deposit process. Therefore, financial aid training is essential to share...

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Get Benefitted by Effective South Florida Admissions Training Program

20 Feb 15 - 01:04

For any South Florida based school or college or educational institute, the admission process plays an important role, which should be executed professionally for increasing the level or number of prospective students. Workshops or training programs conducted by APCS or Association of Private Colleges and Schools of South Florida will provide beneficial awareness about some essential and important factors of admission process that will help in enhancing the capabilities of the staffs as well ...

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Get Valuable and Variety of Workshops for Faculty Training

16 Jan 15 - 03:34

Every parent wants their kids to attend the best schools or colleges having highly educated faculties who can deliver a better education. Educational institutes should take initiative for availing right and proper kind of faculty training programs or workshops that will help the faculties as well as the staffs to improve their knowledge in their related field along with deliver a best education to the students. If you are an educational institute based in South Florida then by being a member ...

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